My chest of drawers was quite plain which is how I wanted it, my room at home is white so I painted it to match. 

I really like motorbikes, my Dad use to race them and I’ve always loved them. They really help me get out and about so I wanted them to feature on my drawers. I’ve currently got a Chinese bike – it’s red and black and the chain keeps stretching but it goes around 79 mph which is good. I think my next bike will be a Yamaha. 

I’d planned the design of the drawers before I got to the workshop and I was confident in what I wanted to do. I sometimes find creative things quite challenging but have built stuff before so was quite happy doing that side of it. 

When I have the drawers back in my house they’re going straight into my lounge and I’ll put all the essentials for a good movie night in there – snacks, junk food, everything! 

If I was talking to another care experienced young person doing a similar project, I’d definitely say it’s good to really get stuck in and try not to think too much about every stage – if you take it step by step it feels a lot easier! 

Watch the video of Kyle building his chest of drawers here.