Mental wellbeing – being creative


Moving into independent living is a huge step. It’s important during that time to find ways to look after your mental and emotional health.  

The importance and value of creativity

You can use your skills, interests and strengths to support self-care.  Doing something creative that you enjoy, whatever it is, can really help with your mental and emotional health.

“Finding ways and habits that work well for you can support your mental wellbeing into the future.”

Creative care kit

This can be anything to you.  Your creative care kit could be a favourite song or piece of music that calms you down.  It could be a sketchpad or notepad and pen or pencil.  It could be an art kit.  It could be a musical instrument.

It could be journaling, drawing, creative writing, painting or music.  Any way of expressing yourself is positive.

You don’t need to be the best artist.  You’re not doing this for other people.  It’s about the value of your own creativity and using it as an outlet.  Get it out, and onto paper, or whatever medium you choose.