Sensory Sounds

Music and natural sounds are known to have positive effects on our mental health:

  • Elevate mood and motivation
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve focus
  • Help relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety and depression

But different music affects everybody uniquely. This page of tracks has been curated by care experienced young people, with a focus on sounds and music that have a meditative or calming effect. Explore and enjoy!

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Ambient Dream

Guitar, Calming

Background Beats

Upbeat, Electronic

Electronic Loop

Looping, Synth

Ocean Waves

Calming, Ocean, Piano

Shimmer and Glow

Piano, Soft

Silhouette in the Fog

Piano, Ethereal


Electronic, Upbeat

Documentary Piano

Piano, Slow

Emotional Inspiring Piano

Repetitive, Piano

Meditation Rememberings Pt1

Calming, Orchestral

Slow Piano Strings

Slow, Calming

The Documentary

Calming, Building